Michael Russell has been making custom furniture for forty years.

Having grown up on the Florida gulf coast, the finished products looked so much like crab or lobster traps. I called my dorm room style "crab-trap furniture."

That was the beginning of a life long journey working with wood and developing a passion for design, both of unique hardwood furniture and internal spaces.

I worked with a mastercraftsman in Chicago for one full year of apprenticeship at the Bauhaus Institute and learned much about practical and artistic design necessary in the making of studio art furniture.


His designs are an organic alternative to the furniture industry.

Over decades of self-taught working techniques, research with traditional hand tools and methods, I've developed a style of creating my own designs using centuries proven joinery with modern power tools that produce a hand made product that reflects the qualities of master craftsmanship with a contemporary, clean and organic look and feel.

I use American hardwoods, and softwoods. Regional to the Midwest, Eastern, and now, where I live, the mountain regions of Colorado.

wood grain

Over the years I have added metal and glass to enhance versatility and visual excitement in the design of many pieces. Recently, I've been utilizing our local resource of lodgepole pine that was killed by pine beetles in our region.

Many of my designs are taken in a direction that a particular piece of wood and grain character will lead to a finished product that is impossible to create with traditional materials and techniques used in the industrial production of furniture.

"A tree is a life giving source, that I respect." - Michael Russell

I have a reverential respect for what a tree represents as a life giving source and it's yearning to live again by providing beauty, strength, and utility to serve mankind even to become an object of great artistic and spiritual worth.